Hello from La Poetisa

17 Aug

Poetisa (Del lat. poetissa) =

1. f. Mujer que compone obras poéticas y está dotada de las facultades necesarias para componerlas.

2. f. Mujer que escribe obras poéticas.

(From the Real Academia Española, diccionario de la lengua española.)


I am La Poetisa.

I have created this blog in order to share with you my favourite poems, whether classics or new discoveries, and also to share my own poems. I am a keen linguist but my poems are in English and I will always endeavour to provide an English translation where I’ve posted a foreign language poem by someone else. Quite frankly I can think of only one poem which will suitably welcome you to this blog, and it’s by the Chilean ‘anti-poet’ Nicanor Parra. It may seem a little violent – but who said should poetry be about flowers and maidens?


Durante medio siglo
La poesía fue
El paraíso del tonto solemne.
Hasta que vine yo
Y me instalé con mi montaña rusa.
Suban, si les parece.
Claro que yo no respondo si bajan
Echando sangre por boca y narices.
For half a century
Poetry was the paradise
Of the solemn fool.
Until I came
And built my roller coaster.
Go up, if you feel like it.
I’m not responsible if you come down
Bleeding from your mouth and nose.
Poem by Nicanor Parra.
Translation by Miller Williams.

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